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Bioenergy Australia conference and technical tour

AUSTRALIA’S PREMIER bioenergy conference, Bioenergy Australia 2008, will be held at the Sebel Albert Park, Melbourne, on 8-9 December, with a technical tour on 10 December.
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Forestry investment bucks the trend

MANY LEADING personal finance blogs in Europe and the US have been buzzing with discussion centred around the question of what are the best alternative investments in the current climate. Why are timber and forestry investments cropping up so often?
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Forest sector CEOs warn against selective bailouts

CHIEF EXECUTIVE officers from 15 of the nation's leading forest companies have warned Ottawa against bailing out the auto and aerospace sectors.The CEOs, who have been struggling to survive a severe downturn in their own industry for the past two years, said in Vancouver that they don
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Expansion plans for Tasmanian sawmill

DESPITE THE financial crisis and falling building activity, a Forest Enterprises Australia is on track to expand its new Bell Bay sawmill in Tasmania.
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Forests for the future is fact

SUSTAINABLY MANAGED forestry businesses around the world will reap financial benefits as environmental awareness and concern about climate change expand. Speaking at the launch of Forestry Tasmania's new Sustainability Charter, Forestry Tasmania Managing director Bob Gordon said there
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Environmental water used to save ‘icon’ sites

Environmental water used to save ‘icon’ sites NORTHERN VICTORIA’S Barmah Forest has received 250 million litres of environmental water to help protect critical drought refuges.
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Australia joins consortium to lead innovative structural timber use

AUSTRALIA IS contributingto an international research consortium that aims to revolutionise the construction of low-rise, multi-storey building developments for commercial, educational, recreational and residential purposes. Forest and Wood Products Australia (FWPA) is one of the part
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Sub-tropical trials could pave way for the future

A QUEENSLAND trial of two Corymbia hybrids could hold the key to major changes in sub-tropical plantation silviculture. The results could also help ease the transition from native forest logging on State-owned lands within 25 years (the Government and the forest industry reached agree
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Kiln drying operations in the spotlight

EVERY TWO to three years, the DryTech technology series provides local wood producers with an independent and practical update on new tools, kiln designs and schedules to improve their drying operations. The latest program, DryTech 2008 runs in Melbourne on 26-27 November and again
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