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OneFortyOne’s annual review

OneFortyOne Plantation has released its annual review for 2017 marking it’s fifth year as a company. Source: Timberbiz

Linda Sewell, Chief Executive Officer of the company said that as an organisation they have come a long way in a short space of time, which is testament to the effort and commitment of the employees, silvicultural, harvest and transport teams.

“We are proud of our heritage, managing one of the oldest estates in Australia and are humbled to think that the initiatives we put in place today will set the course for the next 100 years of forest management,” she said in the publication.

“Our team are passionate about sustainable forestry, spending on average 117,822 hours working in the plantation each year. This year we will hand plant more than 5 million trees.

“Our industry is continuing to innovate and forestry is becoming increasingly specialised. Advances in safety, operations and training have meant that OneFortyOne is able to supply multiple demands from our diversified customer base.

“We’re proud to be supporting this diversity by being the only forest manager to supply product to all customers of the Green Triangle.

“Our investment in equipment and world class technology means we are able to source, cut and supply to exact customer specifications – no small feat when you consider every mill or supplier has different requirements.

“We’re proud of our role in optimising our forestry capability to the benefit of all supply chain partners.

“By growing trees we are growing long term value. Not just for OneFortyOne but the communities in which we operate. We work in close partnership with a number of community organisations and support a range of programs and initiatives underway across the Green Triangle.

“Our forests provide recreational opportunities from cycling on the well-established tracks, through to exploring the underground caves and locals and visitors alike can enjoy our estate and the Green Triangle region itself.

“We are fortunate to have a dedicated and passionate forestry team working across our operations. I am proud of the continued efforts of our employees and contractors in supporting OneFortyOne as we prepare for yet another year of promising growth,” she said.