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On a beautiful bike

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Even though they have their critics, wooden bicycles are nevertheless beautiful to behold. And there’s no doubt there are some advantages that wood has as a bike making material over metal. Source: Treehugger

Wood absorbs vibrations better, and it’s relatively less intensive to harvest and process it.

Proving that wood is a suitable material, Jan Mucska and Jan Vidlicka of Prague’s Jan Bike Studio created this gorgeous, handcrafted, unibody specimen using 40 layers of wood.

The bike’s frame is a continuous whole, modelled after an avocado, and has no joints or disruptions for firmness and flexibility.

The lower part of the frame is designed to be larger and firmer, while the top part works like a spring to equalize forces during use.

The designers say that their approach was to see and design a “holistic frame”:

The designers said that for them the bicycle was an expression of their approach to life and of modern urban lifestyle.

For the production of the bicycles they chose wood mainly because of its beauty and potential for continuous transformation.