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Nominations sought to join industry reference group on training

The Australian Forest Contractors Association (AFCA) is seeking nominations to join an industry reference group to help guide the development of a Contractor Training and Certification Scheme; ForestFit. Source: Timberbiz

The scheme’s purpose is to design and develop nationally accredited training modules and a certification scheme for forest contracting businesses initially in NSW and ultimately leverage training and certification to increase business sustainability by demonstrating professionalism, safety and environmental compliance of contractors in the forestry industry.

The role of the Industry Reference Group would be to discuss a range of issues associated with the scheme.

The draft Terms of Reference are available on the AFCA website along with the Project Governance. The group is an advisory, rather than decision-making, body. Its role is to provide advice to the project manager on issues related to the industry, can influence beliefs and opinions within the industry, advise on improvements or give solutions to problems, assists in the achievement of goals and provides rigour in debate.

Representation across the forestry and forest products industry is sought and encouraged, and representatives are welcome outside NSW.  A total of 10 IRG members are being sought.  The TOR provides additional information on the structure of the IRG.

The selection of IRG members will consider and ensure there is a mix of representation from forest regions, land tenures, business and operational size along with specific experience and expertise.

The role of the individual members of the IRG include:

  • attend and actively participate at regular meetings as required (approximately 8 per year)
  • review documentation and provide feedback on the content
  • represent the interests of contractors, as appropriate
  • a genuine interest in the initiatives and purpose of the Scheme
  • being an advocate for the Scheme’s outcomes and overall success

Register your interest by completing the EOI FORM and returning to Sue Kennedy, ForestFit Project Manager at [email protected] by 8 November 2019.

Once the application period expires, a small selection panel will determine the membership of the IRG. All applicants will be advised of the outcome; it may be necessary to limit numbers on the IRG.

It is anticipated that the first IRG meeting will be held in Sydney on either Thursday 21 November or Friday 22 November, details will be provided to the successful applicants.