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New USA guest speaker for FIEA Australia Wood Energy Conference

As Woody Biomass Utilization Program Manager, Dave led a forest-fire-fuel-reduction scheme combined with an innovative ‘Fuels for Schools and Beyond’ wood energy initiative based in Montana.
John Stulen, Director of FIEA, says: “We are delighted to have Dave confirmed as a speaker. Dave’s practical experience in forest-fire fuel reduction work has been ingenious. He and his team have provided a double benefit with the wood from fuel reduction going into wood pellets for heating schools.”
The Fuels for Schools and Beyond Scheme is already a success story in the USA, helping to reduce the dangerous fuels which cause forest fires, at the same time as providing sustainable heating for schools reducing their heating bill by 30 – 70%.
“Reducing the risk of forest fires was the original objective in the Montana project, but it was really boosted when the linkage was made to produce an environmentally friendly fuel source for heating as well. The scheme has been so successful it has now been extended to five nearby states,” says John.
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