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New board for Parks Victoria

The governing board of Parks Victoria has three new members as well as a new chairperson and deputy chairperson. The board members will play a significant role in managing 4.1 million hectares of parks, reserves, waterways, jetties and piers for conservation, recreation and cultural heritage purposes. Source: Timberbiz

Current board member John Pandazopoulos will serve as chairperson for the next four years. Mr Pandazopoulos has experience in public policy, advocacy, governance, audit and risk, compliance and reporting requirements and will also bring extensive involvement in community consultation and representation.

During his time on the board Mr Pandazopolous has served on committees focusing on planning, projects and asset management and aboriginal engagement.

Ms Lisa Marty, a former CEO of the Victorian Association of Forestry Industries, will serve as deputy chairperson for the next three years and brings experience in forestry and natural resource management. Her past directorships have also included the Australian Forest Products Association and Timber Training Creswick.

New members on the board include a marine ecologist who has worked in Australia and the USA across Government, academia and private industry Dr Anthony Boxshall, Latrobe Valley-based educator Dr Doris Paton and Yarra City Council’s Chief Executive Officer Ms Vijaya Vaidyanath, each of whom will serve for the next four years.

In addition, Mr Graham Atkinson, Professor Michael Clarke, Mrs Christine Trotman and Ms Annette Vickery have been reappointed for three years.

The board members collectively boast the skills, knowledge and experience relevant to the objects and functions of Parks Victoria with special expertise in conservation; cultural heritage, Aboriginal community liaison; financial management; forestry and natural resource management; public policy, advocacy, and governance.

All members were appointed after an expression of interest process that attracted a large and diverse field of candidates.

The appointment process continues to deliver on the Government’s goal of achieving 50% female representation on boards. Three Traditional Owners now appointed to Parks Victoria reflects the Government’s commitment to Aboriginal self-determination.

The outgoing chairperson Jeff Floyd and board members Kate Vinot and Helen Weston have worked tirelessly to steer the organisation through one of the most challenging periods in our state’s history.