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Mount Gambier sees improvement in timber sales

Mount Gambier-based processor Whitehead Timber Sales has reported a rise in sales as the market continues to gather strength. Source: The Border Watch

Company spokesperson Darryl Whitehead confirmed the company was experiencing an upward swing in demand for products and hoped that would translate into higher prices in the future.

He said the renewed vibrancy in the sector was being driven by an increase in housing starts, a rise in property prices, the Australian dollar easing to 90 cents and a rebounding American housing market.

The company chief said the demise of a number of sawmills in Australia had also helped to lift demand in the regional processing sector.

Whitehead said the turnaround in the American market meant less timber was now being imported into Australia.

“Demand for European timber has also alleviated pressure on the Australian domestic market,” he said.

Explaining his business was undertaking a major expansion, Whitehead said a new thin curved saw line was being commissioned at the site.

“This will improve recovery, along with an automatic stacking station, which will enhance production at the site,” he said.