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Malaysian timber seminars timely

The Malaysian Timber Council is planning to hold two one day seminars and business networking sessions in Melbourne and Sydney in late July. According to the chief executive Cheah Kam Huan, the seminars will provide an opportunity to update the Australian timber industry on policy and business developments in the Malaysian timber industry.
“We would like to report to the Australian timber industry supply chain on initiatives that are occurring in Malaysia to advance sustainable forestry practices; forest certification and product chain of custody, and product innovation.”
The seminars will be held in Melbourne on Tuesday, 26 July and in Sydney on Thursday, 28 July. The Visiting Malaysian contingent will be led by The Hon. Tan Sri Bernard Dompok, Minister of Plantation Industries and Commodities. At the conclusion of the seminar an opportunity will be provided for one-on-one or small group business discussions with Malaysian timber company representatives.
With the present focus in Australia on illegal logging policy and with draft legality verification legislation before the Parliament, the Malaysian seminar series is timely. Malaysia is increasingly recognized as leading the tropical forestry industry globally in areas like third party forest and product certification, fit-for-purchase compliance and products sophistication.
Senior members of the Malaysian Timber Council, government agencies and the Malaysian timber industry will be traveling to Australia to participate in the seminar and business networking series. The seminars will cover:
1. The Malaysian forest and timber industry and its future direction.
2. An update on the Malaysian forest and timber certification systems.
3. Reporting on Malaysia’s commitment to legally-sourced timber.
4. Latest developments in Malaysian timber species and product value-added innovation and marketing.
5. An update on Australia’s timber product legality assurance legislation process.

A keynote address will also be given by the Malaysian Minister of Plantation Industries and Commodities during the seminars. It is planned to hold the seminars in association with visits to leading Australian importing and manufacturing businesses. “This will provide a further opportunity for Malaysian timber industry executives to interact with Australian companies and to have a frank exchange of views on policy, product, marketing and other issues impacting on the trade of timber products between our two countries,” said Mr Cheah.
The seminars will be open to Australian timber supply chain company representatives; related business and trading companies; industry association representatives; government officials, and timber product related business. Invitations to attend will be sent to relevant companies and other allied organisations shortly.
There will be no charge to attend the seminars, however prior registration will be necessary.
Enquiries regarding the seminars and business networking opportunities may be directed to John Halkett at (02) 9356 3826 or [email protected] or John Bagley at (02)9487 2776 or [email protected]