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Malaysia facilitates timber exports to Europe

In a move to boost exports of Malaysian timber and construction products to Europe, the Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) is working with the United Kingdom’s Trada Technology Ltd (TTL) as an approved testing laboratory. Malaysia recognizes that the only way to ensure its products are used overseas is to comply with international standards. Source: Borneo Post Online

One of the effective ways to push the Malaysian products up the value chain is to comply with international or regional standards for relevant products, although compliance with many of such requirements may be challenging, both in terms of technicalities and cost.

Under the agreement, which is for CE Marking and Q-Mark schemes, there will be a declaration that the product complies with the essential requirements of European countries.

TTL will look at two areas. They are, wood durability by the Frim Wood Mycology Laboratory, in accordance with EN350, and the strength testing of structural timber by the Timber Engineering Laboratory.

The durability of wood used in plywood production will have to be tested in accordance with EN350 to ensure that the Malaysian durability rating would not be downgraded.

FRIM is exploring various means to contribute actively to boosting exports of higher value-added wood-based products in line with a target set by Malaysia’s National Timber Industries policy to help the country attain higher economic gains by 2020.