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Make your summer jobs work better for you (and the industry)

FWPA is putting together a national summer jobs marketing campaign for this summer. The campaign is targeting science, agriculture and environment students across 10 universities and they are looking for the industry to promote their summer jobs and provide students with their ‘first taste’ of the forest and wood products industry.

Many organisations in the sector employ students over the summer in a wide range of jobs including forestry, administration, manufacturing and logistics. Each student is a potential future recruit to the organisation and the industry overall.

Forest & Wood Products Australia (FWPA) would like to widen the potential pool of students by increasing awareness of these summer work opportunities. This becomes a means of promoting the benefits of the sector to future employees as well as the opportunity to study forestry at an undergraduate or post graduate level.

It has been found that companies that employ students over the summer period and show them the best of what the sector has to offer will have access to a talented pool of potential recruits upon graduation.

For this summer job campaign to be a success, FWPA needs a significant number of quality jobs to be listed on the new industry promotion website ( So if you are thinking of having students participate in a summer jobs program, this would be a great place to list them.

These jobs will be promoted to university students via online display advertising, email campaigns, job boards- both the major commercial and university job boards, posters and postcards on campus, and student ambassadors to hand out information to talk to students about the summer jobs available. The promotion activity will commence mid September and will continue until the exam period.

Students will need to visit and sign up for the summer jobs program. FWPA will then send out relevant jobs to those students that have signed up via email. Applications will go directly to your nominated HR contact and you would be responsible for managing the recruitment process and obviously the jobs themselves. FWPA will simply act as the driver to the job applications.

This is a campaign where the industry working together (by pooling the available summer jobs) can increase the pool of possible candidates and also promote the benefits of the sector as a career – everyone is a winner.

So if this sounds like something you would like to be involved in, contact:

Melissa Houghton on 0412 811 450 or [email protected]

Tania Crosbie on 0412 149624 or [email protected]

Expressions of interest will be received until next Friday, 27th August.