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Log Max 2000T replaces 928A head

Log Max has launched its new harvester head the Log Max 2000T. The new head will replace the classic 928A head. Source: Timberbiz

This new head features increased performance and drivability compared with its predecessor. It feeds at 4m/s, which is an improvement of 30%. The 2000T’s feed roller motors have a power of 280cc, which is less than its predecessor, it had 365cc. The pressure is also adjusted, from 210 bar to 280 bar.

The smaller motor improves the feed speed while maintaining its traction thanks to the increased pressure. The raised pressure also gives 30% more power to the saw.

The majority of the hydraulic cylinders are new on the 2000T. These changes provide increased quality and improved function.
The new hydraulic cylinders also have new robust seals to withstand tough working conditions.

The saw bar feed cylinder now has a locking nut for the adjustable rod end and a stronger attachment.

To simplify service and maintenance, the tensioner for the saw chain has been updated. It was previously tightened with an Allen key but is now redesigned to fit a 7mm flexible screwdriver.

To facilitate the service of the head, you can now change the sensor and cable separately. The attachment has also been redesigned to make it easier to adjust the sensors.

The delimbing knives have been given entirely new castings. The change will increase the strength and life of the delimbing knives.
The edge of the delimbing knives has also been given a new angle to improve the cutting function of all movable delimbing knives. The new edge angle is 35 °.

The screw at the upper delimbing knife has been simplified to increase the service life. The new solution is now like on other Log Max heads.

The new sensor for the length measurement is contactless and has no mechanical moving components. That will result in minimal or even non-existent service and maintenance of this sensor.