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Log and fibre price and supply chain optimization

Recent announcements of new mill investments in Scandinavia, the Baltic Rim and Northwest Russia have led to concern over increased competition, tighter fibre supply and higher raw material prices. Source: Benzinga

Market concerns like these are often exacerbated by inadequate and inaccurate market data. Poor data leads to the inability to measure performance and assess the results of strategic initiatives.

It also makes it impossible to identify performance gaps and eradicate supply chain inefficiencies. Forest2Market, a provider of market data and analytics in the US, Canada and Brazil, together with Indufor, a global forest consulting service provider, have formed a partnership to bring the first transaction-based log and fibre price and supply chain optimization system to this region.

Forest2Market will collect transaction data from subscribers and produce its measurement tool, the wood raw material price benchmark.

The benchmark serves as the foundation from which value-added analytical tools are produced to help subscribers reduce their costs and optimize their supply chains.

Startup for this service is expected in 2015.

This service will bring a new level of confidence and transparency to the European forest products, timberland and bioenergy industries.

For the first time, buyers and sellers will be able to clearly and confidently compare performance to market, accurately assess market prices and build strong partner relationships, as well as define, measure and adjust strategic decisions based on actual, real-time and actionable data.

“We have used this supply chain optimization system to help many of our clients in North America, and believe it will be of great value to European forest products industries as well,” said Pete Stewart, president and CEO of Forest2Market.

“Forest2Market is the only market service that creates and maintains its own proprietary database of actual transaction data.

“We have long-term, loyal industry relationships in North America since 2000, and in 2013, we expanded to Brazil with great success.

“We look forward to working with Indufor in Scandinavia, the Baltic Rim and Russia to provide the industry with data and other powerful tools for improving business decisions.”

“We are pleased to be Forest2Market’s partner in Europe for this one of a kind benchmarking service that utilizes actual transaction data,” said Jarno Seppälä, Head of Forest Industry & Bio Solutions Consulting at Indufor.

“We strongly believe it will be a valuable addition to the general price information that is currently available and to existing supply chain analysis currently being conducted by industry players themselves.

“Now companies will be able to analyze the real efficiency of their operations.”