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Letter to the editor on pine residue in WA

To the Editor

I read with interest your story (Pine residue up for grabs in WA) of the day in Daily Timber News 7 (August 2018).

I would not hold my breath waiting for FPC to make a decision and award contracts to respondents, despite the assertion that announcements are imminent.

Their tender RFP2/2018 for the Sale of Pine Rounds, closed on 19 April 2018 – having been called over three months late after existing buyers’ contracts ran out.

The results of the tender have not been communicated to the respondents yet – despite the reality that the processing plants affected cannot access sufficient feed stock to continue their operations to satisfy existing demand.

FPC’s contracts division are so busy ducking and diving to avoid the respondents, that we are astonished that they have enough time to call new tenders for residues.

Perhaps tomorrow’s Top Story will be a vale for pine preservation in WA.

It is very frustrating watching public servants dismantle your business.

Yours etc., Brendon