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Ledinek to supply production line for Sodra CLT

Last year, Södra decided to invest in an additional CLT facility at Värö and aims to become a leader in the Nordic region. The company has chosen Ledinek to supply its new production line. Source: Timberbiz

Project planning and procurement is ongoing and Södra has selected Ledinek as the supplier of a new production line from intake to pressing. The new facility will be established at the combined plant in Värö, adjacent to the pulp mill, the sawmill and to Södra’s first CLT facility.

Ledinek also supplied the production line for the first plant.

“We selected Ledinek because it supplies a system solution that provides security for us and for our customers. Lessons learned from the existing production line have been taken into account in the procurement of the production line for the new and larger facility. The production line will feature state-of-the-art technology and a carefully planned layout to ensure an efficient process with high productivity,” Krister Norberg, Head of Production said.

A new CLT facility with a capacity of approximately 100,000 cubic metres is an important step in being competitive in an expanding market. Demand is substantial and interest in building with timber is growing considerably.