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Land reforms will be the ultimate test

Foresters are used to facing challenges, from pests and diseases attacking their trees to climate change and rising fuel prices, cheaper imports and falling commodity prices, steep slopes and environmental lobby groups trying to shut them down, yet they always find a way to adapt, persevere and overcome.

But forestry in South Africa has another challenge looming that overshadows all the rest, one that will send shockwaves right through the industry and test the fortitude of the industry stakeholders to the max – land reform!

Chris Chapman, Editor of the leading trade publication SA Forestry magazine, takes us through the maze of change in South Africa.

Land reform sends shockwaves through SA forestry industry is the first of his special series of articles for Australian Forests & Timber News.

Chapman will also put the spotlight on Outgrower schemes that bring benefits to poor rural communities.

In coming editions he will highlight South African forestry and conservation and an unlikely partnership between a forestry company and a world heritage site game reserve.

Chapman gives a view of the South African forestry and timber industry that makes for compelling reading.

This is just one of the highlights of Australian Forests & Timber News that will be out soon.