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Komatsu to build a new factory in Sweden

Recently, Komatsu Forest announced its intention to acquire land in Klockarbäcken, Umeå, Sweden. Now Komatsu Forest revealed that it has the intention to build a completely new factory in the area. Source: Timberbiz

The company already has high demands on work environment, safety and product quality, which is also something that characterizes the vision of a new factory.

“We want a factory that is based on human capabilities, where technology, good ergonomics and safety are prioritized and help to enable good quality in our manufacturing.

“We want to build an attractive and efficient workplace where our employees thrive and grow and where we can deliver product quality at the forefront,” Martin Ärlestig, Factory Manager, Komatsu Forest said.

Another important part of the vision is to take greater environmental responsibility. “We have high environmental targets for our production already today, but when a new factory is built from scratch, we can seek environmentally friendly solutions all the way. Our target is to become CO2 neutral in our production, ” Mr Ärlestig said.

“We see this as a major investment in the region, which will contribute to additional job opportunities throughout the construction project.

“We also see the factory as part of a larger whole, where the establishment of the new plant helps to strengthen the attraction of the region as a forest technical center in Sweden.

“The region already has a strong forestry technical position, but a new factory would contribute to strengthening the position even further for the future.”

For a decision to invest in a new plant to be realized, support is required to assist the company’s venture; such as a sustainable infrastructure solution that meets the company’s future transport needs on road and railroad and regional support is needed to complement the large investment made by the company.

“This is one of the major investments in the company’s history and as we understand it, one of the major industrial investments that is to be started in Sweden right now. We look forward to get all items settled so that we can carry out our plans and start the procurement process for the project,” Mitsuru Ueno, CEO Komatsu Forest said.