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Komatsu Forest, Logset, Ponsse suspend operations

Due to the closure of suppliers of critical components, Komatsu Forest will temporarily shut down its production of forest machinery at its factory in Umeå. On 26 March, the company agreed with IF Metall on short-term work from 13 April through 21 June for employees in production. Source: Timberbiz

“The background is that the Corona pandemic has caused some of our suppliers to shut down their production, forcing us to shut down our production completely for three weeks, after which we intend to gradually increase production. However, our production plan assumes that our suppliers can start up their production according to plan and that restrictions on the spread of infection allow it,” Jens Bengtsson COO of Komatsu Forest said.

Other measures that have been taken are that the company has terminated consultancy contracts and laid off fixed-term employees in production.

The company will continue to operate its services to the extent that restrictions on different markets allow.

These plans assume that suppliers can start up production according and that restrictions on the spread of infection allows it.

Komatsu Forest warns that if you have ordered a new machine, your delivery date may be affected. In this unusual situation, it will be more difficult to give delivery dates. The current focus is on continuing to conduct daily operations to support customers with service, spare parts and machine deliveries. Currently they can deliver spare parts just as usual

“We see that in many places around the world, our customers can still operate. Therefore, we will do what we can to safely service and provide spare parts to our customers. Our workshops and service points will carry out their work based on the restrictions set for reducing the spread of infection,” Said Mr Bengtsson.

Logset will shut down production for the month of April and staff will be laid off.

Most of other Logset personnel also will be laid off or work limited hours during April, the aftersales services will continue to work from the Vanha Vaasa location, including spare parts deliveries and remote dealer and customer support. Sales and dealer support activities will continue remotely as well.

Ponsse’s employee co-operation negotiations concluded and during the negotiations it was agreed to lay-offs for a period of a maximum of 90 days and they apply to the all personnel.

The shutdowns of plants of component suppliers in Central Europe as a result of the coronavirus situation and the resulting problems in availability prefaced the negotiations.