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Kesla fire fighter now in production

Finnish company Kesla Oyj is known for several forest technology and material processing products now it is launching a trailer concept with fire-extinguishing features with sales of this new product starting immediately. Source: Timberbiz

Fire-extinguishing equipment that can be used with all bigger agricultural tractors.

The new product consists of a Kesla multiuse trailer, a Kesla loader and a modern, specially designed plastic water tank with volume of 10m3 plus the necessary fire-fighting equipment.

The fire-extinguishing trailer is equipped with its own hydraulics and so it is easy to use with any large agricultural tractor.

The package can be driven to the fire-site as there is no need for a separate carrier platform, which eases transfer to the site.

The concept is based on a 144 trailer and can be towed by high wheeled tractors, which makes the package extremely handy and efficient in off-road conditions, as an example in case of forest fires. The combination of good features in on-road and off-road environments provide flexibility and economy to the investment.

The fire-extinguishing unit has two water cannons – one on the loader boom and another in the rear part of the trailer. The loader boom mounted cannon can shoot up to the 30m and can be steered easily and precisely to the fire.

Thanks to the long outreach of the loader, the water tank can be filled not only from waterpipes but also from natural water sources like lakes, rivers and dams. This is a great plus when working far from water pipelines.

The fire-extinguisher unit is a separate module, and it can easily be detached from the trailer. After detaching the unit, the stakes can be put back onto the trailer and the trailer can be used for normal forestry work.

The concept was presented in mid-September 2021 via a video of a prototype on YouTube. The product has attracted a lot of attention, and the company has received inquiries from around the world. The product is now production ready, and sales are starting immediately with the first deliveries expected in February 2022.