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Junken confirms transport providers – road and sea

David Hilliard – General Manager JNL , Hiroyuki Kawado – Vice President JNL, Don Braid – Group Managing Director Mainfreight, Carl Howard-Smith – General Counsel Mainfreight Group

Junken New Zealand (JNL) has confirmed that it is consolidating its providers of general freight services to transport all of the company’s mill supplies and finished products across its four wood processing mills in Kaitaia, Gisborne and Masterton. The company confirmed that Mainfreight Limited is its key service provider for road transport, while the China Navigation Company NZ Limited will provide coastal shipping services. Source: Timberbiz

JNL made the decision to consolidate its general freight services earlier this year as part of the company’s ongoing work to ensure it is match-fit for the future in a challenging and competitive environment.

In 2018, the company freighted 182,217 tonnes of products and equipment.

JNL has undertaken a comprehensive tender process over the past four months to select the freight partners with which it will work.

New Zealand General Manager of JNL, Dave Hilliard said that efficient and cost effective transport is critical to the company’s operations between its mills to deliver products to its domestic customers and export products to ports around the North Island.

“We would like to welcome Mainfreight as our new key service freight provider and look forward to working with them. We would like to thank all of the freight partners who have worked with us. In particular, we would like to acknowledge and thank the TOLL Kaitaia team,” says Dave Hilliard.