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Jodie Campbell supports Timber Communities Australia’s call to ‘buy locally’

Federal Labor Member for Bass Jodie Campbell said today that she supported the proposal from Timber Communities Australia for local timber to be sourced as the Federal Government’s $42 billion Nation Building and Jobs Plan was rolled out.

“This is a worthwhile and practical initiative from Timber Communities Australia to assist in maintaining employment for timber workers and providing security for their families and communities,” Campbell said.
“It is a positive plan which came out of yesterday’s House of Representatives Standing Committee on the impact of the global financial crisis on regional Australia.
“I will be discussing the proposal with Tasmanian Premier David Bartlett and doing what I can to ensure that local Tasmanian timber is used as the Rudd Government’s $14.7b ‘Building the Education Revolution’ gets underway here in Northern Tasmania.
“The Rudd Government has taken swift and decisive action to support jobs through the global financial crisis and this is another practical initiative which will help maintain employment through these difficult times,” Campbell said.

“As a community we should be embracing anything which supports our local region. The Examiner Newspaper’s ‘Buy Locally’ campaign is an example of a community response to this crisis. So too is the proposal from Timber Communities Australia and I would encourage any similar response which helps Northern Tasmania survive this unprecedented global recession and come out the other side stronger,” Campbell said.