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International workshop: Forest policy and economics in support of good governance

Registration to an international workshop on forest policy and economics in support of good governance to be held on 3 -4 April 2009, in Dubrovnik, Croatia, is now open. The workshop aims to present recent developments and contributions of forest policy and economics research in support of good governance in forest sector of Europe and to map the linkages between capacity building and good governance. Also, the interaction of capacity building and new governance to broader frameworks, like nfp-processes and international forest policy processes will be linked. With these items on the agenda, the interaction between forest science and policy actors at European level will be enhanced. The expected outcome of the workshop is a set of directed practical recommendations on how to improve governance in the forest sector. The organisers of the workshop are the European Forest Institute, in the framework of the FOPER-project, and the Forest Research Institute Jastrebarsko, Croatia.