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Industry letter: Australian timber is worth more


To the Editor

In a recent Daily Timber News it was quoted in 2015 China imported 15.61 million cubic metres of timber products costing $3.82 billion dollars.

That is an average of $244.71 per cubic metre. This is a very low average.

Also, there was an article in the same bulletin about Australia hosting a Special Forestry Investment &Trade Forum in Sydney on 11 October.

I struggle to see what could come from such a forum when the expectation from China is an average price per cubic metre seems to be set at $245.00.

The high quality of Australian timber is much more valuable than $245.00 m3. Only our lowest grade pine non structural is about the $200.00 mark.

And if the Chinese invested in plantations in Australia, the timber should bring a higher average higher price regardless who is the owner of the forest.

Yours etc,

Maurie Killeen – Stratford, Victoria, retired HW and Pine timber processor for 55 years.