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Hyne application to terminate NSW Enterprise Agreement

Hyne Timber has lodged an application with the Fair Work Commission to terminate its Hyne Timber Tumbarumba Enterprise Agreement. Hyne Timber said it had not taken the decision lightly but believed it was in the best interests of the Tumbarumba Mill employees, the future of the business and the Tumbarumba community. Source: Timberbiz

The company has assured all Tumbarumba Mill employees that their above-award pay and allowance conditions will be protected under the new arrangements and they will receive a 2.5% pay rise at the end of March.

The application to the FWC was made after almost 12 months of good faith negotiations with employees and their nominated bargaining representatives. Hyne Timber General Manager, Production, Rachael Armistead said the protracted nature of the negotiations risked undermining the company’s workplace culture.

“Hyne Timber is a family business with a strong focus on our people, their welfare and a positive working environment,” Ms Armistead said. “Our culture centres around respect, choice, flexibility and trust with all our valued employees.

“The existing, now-expired Enterprise Agreement in Tumbarumba is almost 50 pages long, very legalistic and highly prescriptive. It prevents us from achieving this culture.

“We want a clear, direct and open relationship with our employees that is based on that culture. If an employee needs a new uniform, for example, we will supply a new uniform. They should not need to wait until a prescriptive agreement tells them they can have one.

“We recognise that this decision will create some uncertainty for workers. We have today assured all Tumbarumba Mill employees that their take home pay and allowances will be fully protected with a further 2.5% pay rise and that in reality, we believe employee’s will notice little change in their day-to-day working life.

“We are confident that with this step we will be able to create a stronger and more flexible business that will continue to benefit workers, suppliers, customers and the Tumbarumba community.”

Hyne Timber remains committed to innovation and development in order to maintain sustainable operations and regional employment for generations to come. Termination of the Enterprise Agreement will see the company operate in accordance with the relevant Modern Awards.

Hyne Timber says it currently pays employees well in excess of the Award requirements and has assured all employees that their pay and allowance conditions are protected.

The Tumbarumba community can also be assured that Hyne Timber remains supportive of our team members who volunteer their time to emergency services in the region. The company also remains committed to its valued sponsorship and donation partners.

In the event the Fair Work Commission rejects Hyne Timber’s application to terminate their Enterprise Agreement, the existing Agreement will remain in place.

Hyne Timber will provide regular updates to its workers, stakeholders and the local community throughout the FWC process.