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Hoo Hoo International Convention

The Rameses, with help from Black Bart #181, invite you to join them for the 2009 HHI Convention in Reno, Nevada, ‘The Biggest Little City in the World.’ Reno and surrounding area is known for its good ol’ western hospitality.

Located in the middle-western part of Nevada, near the California state line, it is a popular gambler’s paradise. With Lake Tahoe nearby and Virginia City in the mountains, there is diversity in recreation and in history.

History includes the great Comstock Lode, gold and silver mining in Nevada, settling the Wild West with guns and horses, lectures and visits by Mark Twain to Virginia City, geological prehistoric sites with fossils of ancient fishes, etc., and, petroglyphs left by ancient Indians. On one of the guided tours to Virginia City you can step back in time and enjoy the day walking the boarded walks and indulging in some of the history of Nevada. You can visit the “Bucket of Blood Saloon” established in the 1800’s and have a snort or two with the locals. During your visit you can dress in western costume, and enjoy the activities of the city.

Lake Tahoe, one of their national treasures, with pristine and crystal clear blue water, offers several recreational opportunities, one of which you will enjoy as one of the outings. The dinner cruise will give you a breathtaking view of its beauty.

Western and comfortable dress gets you into any establishment and you fit right in. No need for fancy duds!

Gary and Jean Gamble will be your contacts and anything they can do to make your trip even more enjoyable, just let them know.