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Harvesting and replanting of Kinross State Forest

A multi-year operation to harvest and replant pine plantations in Kinross State Forest will commence in October, producing enough timber to construct the frames for more than 3000 homes and fit out their kitchens and closets. Source: Timberbiz

Forestry Corporation of NSW’s Fire and Stewardship Manager Tijmen Klootwijk said that the Kinross State Forest pine plantations were planted nearly 30 years ago and will be again fully replanted after harvesting to supply renewable timber for the future.

“The pine plantations across central west NSW are sustainably managed to provide our communities with a balance of all that they have to offer; including economic, environmental and social outcomes,” Mr Klootwijk said.

“Kinross has been a favourite location for our communities to recreate in and enjoy, and will be again for another 30 years however, the pine plantations have now reached an ideal age to harvest.

“So, from October this year we will begin an operation to harvest and replant the entire plantation.

“The timber from this plantation will provide an essential renewable resource to our local timber industry and will be transported to Bathurst, Oberon and beyond to be processed into a range of building products.”

While the main product to come from these plantations will be structural timber, each tree can produce a range of different products.

The bottom half of the tree is usually ideal for framing timber, furniture and landscaping materials, and the narrower sections towards the top for products like timber panels for kitchen cupboards and benchtops, and paper products.

“The harvesting operation will take around two years to complete, depending on seasonal conditions, after which we will prepare the site for new seedlings to be planted,” Mr Klootwijk said.

“We’ll then hand plant around 1000 seedlings per hectare to completely re-establish the plantations to provide renewable timber products for the next generation.

“The operation will only operate within the 388 hectares of pine plantation within Kinross State Forest; the 209 hectares of natural forest in Kinross State Forest will not be impacted by these operations.”

During periods of active operations, areas within Kinross State forest will be closed for the safety of workers and forest visitors. If you are planning to visit the forest over the coming months, please pay attention to signage, follow all instructions and do not enter any closed areas.