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Gunns’ Heyfield finally sold

The future of the Heyfield sawmill has finally been secured after a contractual dispute was settled this week. Source: ABC Local

Speculation about the sale of the sawmill had been circulating for about 18 months before Tasmanian timber company Gunns announced it had found a buyer.

The deal was delayed by a contractual dispute but the operation has now been successfully sold for $28 million to Melbourne-based consortium Australian Sustainable Hardwoods.

Wellington Shire councillor Malcolm Hole says it is a huge relief for the Heyfield community.

“Along the way there’s been a lot of wringing of hands I suppose because so many times we came to what we thought was the end result and some little barrier always cropped up to stall it,” he said.

“So the … [decision] is one of relief and excitement because everybody’s jobs are safe and guaranteed.

“There’s no jobs to be gone and because the … [mill] will be a stand-alone mill operating its own payroll and invoicing section we’re led to believe there could be anywhere between six and 10 new jobs created there.

“This is all great for Heyfield as this town continues to grow and develop.”