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Green groups back on attack of sawmills

Green groups will resume their war against the Tasmanian timber industry on Monday after the collapse of forest peace talks. Source: The Australia, AAP

After more than two years of negotiation and interim agreements the talks failed.

The Wilderness Society told The Australian it would on Monday resume campaigning to cripple the activities of a few large Tasmanian sawmillers who they claim had sunk the talks.

“It is very frustrating and disappointing that this historic opportunity has not led to an agreement,” said society campaign manager Vica Bayley. “We now have no choice but to return to campaigning.”

This new campaign is to target customers of major sawmillers, such as Britton’s Timber, who, as members of the Forest Industry Association of Tasmania (FIAT), are blamed by green groups for blocking a final deal.

In a separate but related event peace talks between green groups in Tasmania and the Australian Workers Union over the issue of mining in the Tarkine area also broke down.