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Giant wooden dragon recalls a stormy time

A giant wooden sculpture of a dragon has emerged from a north Italian forest devastated by Storm Vaia three years ago. The winged dragon, described as the largest of its kind in Europe, was created by Venetian sculptor Marco Martalar and has taken social media by storm. Source: Wanted in Rome, photo Trento Today

The majestic sculpture, located in the Lavarone in the Trento region, is a tribute to the terrible storm that flattened centuries-old forests across north Italy in October 2018.

Martalar used around 2000 branches and remains of trees felled by the ferocious storm. It took the artist more than a month to create the dragon which is six metres high and seven metres long.

The sculptor first made an internal structure, a sort of skeleton, on which the recycled timber is attached.

The untreated work will change over time, with the passing of the seasons, until the dragon slowly disintegrates under the force of snow and wind.

Since its unveiling in late November images of the dragon have gone viral, with a growing number of people making the pilgrimage to the see the impressive creature for themselves.

Located on the ‘Lavarone Green Land’ path, the dragon can be reached from Slaghenaufi, following the signs for Chalet Tana Incantata, where you can leave your car, before making your way by foot to Magrè.