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Get the real peel on cabinet timbers

Farming Together is offering foresters of Queensland and northern NSW a rare opportunity to see value-adding for cabinet timbers. Source: Timberbiz

The Australian Government-backed program is helping growers in both states to harvest and prepare silver quandong billets for a peeling trial at Queensland’s Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Wood Research Facility at Salisbury on 18 January 2018.

This will be a one-off opportunity for growers of rainforest cabinet timbers to see the peeling process and receive first-hand information on the latest results of engineered wood development.

Visitors will see young silver quandong billets peeled on a spindleless lathe to test the workability of this versatile fine grained species. They will also join a guided tour of the facility.

The free event, which starts at 10am, is part of the Quality Timber Traders project supported by Farming Together.

Project co-ordinator Carol Neal said: “With the growing shortage of native forest timbers; plantation-grown timber and engineered wood is going to be the way of the future. It’s something that we as growers can also be involved.”

Farming Together program director Lorraine Gordon said: “This practical, hands-on information is what growers want. Our program acknowledges that, and works with farmer groups to deliver this knowledge.

“As the program matures, we are finding more groups keen to engage with us. We welcome the involvement of the DAF Queensland (

The Salisbury facility specialises in wood products research and development on semi-commercial, pilot and laboratory scales. It offers Australia’s largest science and technical expertise in:

  • engineered wood composites technology
  • solid wood processing, kiln drying and sawmilling technology
  • wood product design and manufacture
  • timber grading, mechanical wood properties testing, wood identification
  • timber preservation and performance testing

To attend this free event, please contact Carol Neal: 0411 873 324 or [email protected] by Sunday 14 January.

Farming Together has assembled around 200 of Australia’s leading agri-consultants who are providing specialist help to more than 700 groups, involving more than 20,000 primary producers nationally – and all within 14 months.

The Farm Co-operative and Collaboration Program (known as Farming Together) is a two-year, $13.8m initiative from the Australian Government designed to help agricultural groups value-add, secure premium pricing, scale-up production, attract capital investment, earn new markets or secure lower input costs.

The program has launched a free online co-op builder for groups considering forming themselves into these tax-effective structures. The simple, DIY template is available at

The Farm Co-operative and Collaboration Program is being delivered by Southern Cross University on behalf of the Australian Government. It comprises a highly experienced senior team drawn from a wide range of commodity groups from across Australia and is backed by an industry advisory group representing experts from Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and NSW.

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