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FSC new MIX label supporting responsible forestry

FSC’s MIX label text is changing from ‘[Product type] from responsible sources’ to ‘[Product type] Supporting responsible forestry’. The other elements of the label stay the same. Source: Timberbiz

Based on a comprehensive, multi-stakeholder process involving FSC International´s Board of Directors the “Strategy for MIX products and controlled wood” was agreed upon. This strategy specified a range of actions including a change to the MIX label text.

Products that bear the MIX label are made using a mixture of materials from FSC-certified forests, recycled materials, and/or FSC controlled wood.

The current wording of the MIX label states that all these components represent responsible sources. However, some FSC stakeholders are concerned that this general claim for all components does not reflect the fact that controlled materials are not FSC certified. By stating that FSC MIX products “support responsible forestry” the new label credits the materials used with contributing more broadly to the FSC mission, and recognizes the role that controlled wood and mixing play in advancing toward that mission.

Mixing allows more manufacturers to participate in the FSC system and offer FSC-certified products. In turn, increased supply and visibility allows for growth in demand. Growing demand gives more forest owners and managers a reason to improve their management practices and move towards FSC certification. Mixing is intended to enable more of the available FSC-certified material to get to the market than otherwise would have been possible.

FSC controlled wood is a first step to improve forest management because it places restrictions on the procurement of non-FSC certified wood. FSC’s controlled wood standard mitigates the risk of materials from unacceptable sources being included in FSC MIX products. This helps to address significant problems like illegal logging, human and traditional rights violations and deforestation.