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Forest management company SFM Forest Products (SFM) today announced it has gained certification from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) for forest management.
The certification is based on a unique group scheme that enables eligible landowners the opportunity to gain FSC certification over their forests.
Buyers of timber are increasingly interested and informed on where the product comes from and how it is grown which means certification under agreed international standards is a significant advantage to any forest grower.
SFM Director Andrew Morgan said “the certification would be of great benefit for landowners who want to be confident their forests are managed according to the principles of FSC and be able to enter into the many emerging markets for certified wood products”.
“This achievement allows us to offer certification to landowners who wish to manage their forests under the principles of FSC to deliver well managed and sustainable forest products.” Mr Morgan said.
Mr Morgan said the recent accreditation is a testament to sound forest management practices using scientific methods, attention to detail and a focus on community relationships.
Last year SFM announced gaining certification under the Australian Forestry Standard. Together with the FSC announcement, SFM is the only third party forest management company in Australia able to offer dual certification over private forest estates.
“This certification is a great achievement for us as a company operating nationwide, we are proud to be a leader of forest management practices in Australia maximising the return to the forest owner whilst ensuring sustainable practices so that the forests are there as a renewable resource for years to come” Mr Morgan said.
For further contact: Andrew Morgan – 0413 589 259 or [email protected]