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Free field day for forest managers

A free field day, designed to give managers of sub-tropical forests in the Burnett Mary Region up-to-date information for the identification and management of risks to forest resilience associated with changing climate conditions, will be held on Thursday. The field day, run by the University of the Sunshine Coast, is relevant to those who manage: Farm forestry, Natural Resources, Productive native forests, Carbon sequestration plantings, Revegetation and restoration forestry, Monoculture plantations, Remnant native forests, Bio-diverse plantations.
Benefits to participants include:
* Introduction to a climate risk management tool that can be used in all phases of forest management from establishment through to harvesting or maturity
* Identification of ways to integrate climate risk management with existing management plans
* Identification of opportunities to change management practices
* An introduction to climate scenarios for use in regional risk assessment
* Presentation by Dr Tim Smith on tree nutrition and field visit to hardwood nutrition trials being conducted at Hiedrich’s property at Gurgeena Plateau, Binjour
* Take home materials
* Fabulous lunch and morning tea and free transport to and from the field
Date: Thursday 18 August
Venue: CWA Hall, 5 Pineapple St Gayndah
Time: 9.00 am through to 3.30 pm
Closed shoes will be required for the field trip.
To Register phone: Kathy Wood 5459 4706 Mob: 0428 715 048 or email: [email protected]