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Forestry Tasmania integral to timber industry’s future

The Minister for Energy and Resources Bryan Green believes Forestry Tasmania is an important part of the State’s timber industry and a strategic review of the business will help ensure it adapts to future challenges. “Forestry Tasmania has not been immune to the affects of changes in global markets and the review is examining the future structures, governance and business models under which it operates,” Green said.
“Tasmania’s forest industry is a very important contributor to our economy and the many communities that rely on it.
“The forestry industry has created billions of dollars of wealth for Tasmania over its long history and it employs thousands of people directly and indirectly.
The Minister said Forestry Tasmania was crucial to the ongoing operations of family-owned sawmills and veneer mills. “FT is an integral part of our timber industry and as it adapts to changes in world markets the business must also look to the future.
“While some changes to the business model may be needed to accommodate the external business environment, the Government wants to ensure that it retains the professional knowledge and expertise that exists in Forestry Tasmania,” he said.
However, according to Greens forestry spokesman Kim Booth, the company should be wound up.
Booth said the latest Auditor-General’s report into the Government-owned business showed FT had sought and received assurances of more public money. The report noted its difficult financial position and says loans of up to $20 million would be needed.