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Forestry protestor numbers swell in Tasmania

Hundreds of conservationists have signed up to join the front line of forestry protests this summer if logging resumes in the forests of the Florentine Valley in Tasmania, and the Primary Industries Minister Guy Barnett is not impressed. Source: Timberbiz

The area was the centre of long-running protests a decade ago, and the Wilderness Society says that should forestry resume in high conservation areas, hundreds will again turn out in opposition.

At the weekend, 300 people pledge to save a local forest giant known as the Home Tree and the rainforest in Florentine coupe TN005D, which is earmarked for logging this summer.

“This is no surprise as we know the Greens and their allies will try everything to stir up conflict to suit their political purposes,” Mr Barnett said.

“However, we will not accept extremist protesters targeting businesses, workers and their families and stopping them from earning a lawful living.

“Our forestry industry is world-class and sustainable, and we will continue to back it to the hilt as it employs thousands of Tasmanians, injects more than $1.2 billion into our economy and supports regional communities and families across the state,” he said.

The Florentine Valley was the scene of long-running protests over the logging of native forests which came to a head around a protest camp Camp Flozza in 2009.

Parts of the area were added to the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area following a boundary extension in 2013.

Confrontations between police and protests saw dozens of arrests.

Smaller protests in recent years have focused on the Tarkine, in the state’s north west, and the Styx River Valley.