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Five new research projects for Queensland forestry hub

The South & Central Queensland Regional Forestry Hub has engaged forestry and technical experts to deliver five new research projects to assist in increasing the productivity and sustainability of the region’s forest and timber industry. Source: Timberbiz

Hub Manager, Kerry Fullarton said industry stakeholders have put considerable thought and planning into identifying projects the hub should support to build a stronger industry.

“It has been a pivotal year for the hub as we formalised our steering committee, identified priority themes and delivered a strategic review workshop to determine the opportunities and barriers for the forestry and wood products sector in our region,” said Mrs Fullarton.

“We also made significant progress facilitating working groups to develop expressions of interest for projects to be funded by the hub,” she said.

The key themes being addressed in the suite of new projects include Native Forest Management, Manufacturing Competitiveness and Bioenergy & Carbon.

The five projects and research providers are:

  • a cost-benefit methodology and best practice approach to assessing the net benefits from multiple-use native forests – Indufor Asia Pacific (Australia) and Natural Capital Economics;
  • adhesive research for softwood and hardwood engineered wood products – Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries;
  • an evaluation and feasibility of new technologies and processes in the timber and wood products industry to deliver a range of cost-competitive products – Foresion;
  • an evaluation and feasibility of using new harvesting technologies and processes in Queensland’s forestry operations – the University of Sunshine Coast; and
  • an assessment of the volumes of wood biomass residues and their potential uses and markets – the University of Sunshine Coast.

“These projects will enable the forestry and timber sector to grow and to create the most value for our stakeholders. The successful proponents will reach out to stakeholders in the coming weeks for information and to seek valuable feedback on these projects,” said Mrs Fullarton.