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Finlayson Timber celebrates 141 years and employees

Finlayson Timber and Hardware is celebrating its 141st anniversary next month with a special lunch that will recognise some of its longest serving employees – and there are a lot of them. Source: Courier Mail

Finlayson is one of the oldest companies in Queensland and is still proudly owned by the Finlayson clan – Malcolm and his two sons Skene and Michael.

Malcolm says that of the company’s 360 employees, 102 have been with them for more than 10 years and one for an incredible 52 years.

Malcolm himself has clocked up 61 years at the company that was founded in 1875 by Charles Patterson at Carver’s Hill at Brookfield.

A lot of the timber used to build the state’s beautiful old Queenslanders was originally milled by Patterson.

These days the axes and saws used by Patterson, who is Skene and Michael’s great great grandfather, have been replaced by modern laser cutters.

Finlayson currently ships more than 30 containers of timber to Taiwan, China and Japan each month.