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Final stages of replanting in Tarkeeth forest

The final stage of a long-term operation to gradually harvest and replant timber plantations will begin this month in Tarkeeth State Forest, southeast of Bellingen. Forestry Corporation of NSW’s Plantation Manager Craig Busby said an operation would be carried out over the coming months to harvest and replant the last of the mature timber plantations in the forest. Source: Timberbiz

“Tarkeeth State Forest contains 850 hectares of timber plantations, which were planted in the 1960s and 70s on an old dairy farm. In recent years we have been gradually harvesting the mature trees for timber and replanting each harvested area to grow timber for the next generation,” Mr Busby said.

“We have replanted 1,100 seedlings in every hectare harvested, with many of the trees planted just a few years ago now seven to eight metres tall.

“This year’s harvesting operations in these timber plantations are being carried out in line with the detailed plans that are available on our website,” he said.

“After the mature timber is harvested, we will carry out controlled burning of waste material, such as branches and off-cuts, to clear the site for the seedlings to be planted. The new seedlings, which will be cultivated in our Grafton nursery from specially selected trees, will grow for up to 40 years before they are next harvested for timber.

“Timber is an essential renewable resource and in the year following the widespread Black Summer fires we have prioritised timber production from plantations like the ones in Tarkeeth State Forest to reduce operations in native forests.

“These plantation harvesting operations will produce a range of renewably-sourced products, including power poles structural timbers for bridges and girders, and flooring and decking for houses, while the residue including tree crowns and branches will produce products including firewood.

“The plantations will be a worksite during these operations, so areas may be closed for the community’s safety. To ensure safety there will also be access restrictions in place for internal roads. We thank the community for continuing to pay attention to safety signage and not entering closed areas.”