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Facts and Figures on New Zealand plantation forestry

Each year, the New Zealand Forest Owners Association (NZFOA), in conjunction with the Ministry for Primary Industries, publishes an informative overview of the performance of the New Zealand Plantation Forest Industry, called Facts & Figures. The 2017/2018 edition is now available in electronic format, free to download. The next issue is expected later in 2019. Source: Timberbiz

Highlights of the current Facts and Figures publication are:

  • 1,706,429 ha is the estimated net stocked at 1 April 2017 – an increase of 1,682 ha from 2016
  • A record 35.4 million cubic metres of timber was harvested in the year 2018, up 10% on the previous year – volumes expected to be high for the next decade
  • NZ$6.38 billion was the export value of forest products to June 2018 – NZ$3.3b of logs and NZ$3b of other forest products
  • MPI anticipates that in the year to June 2019 returns from New Zealand forest product exports will be NZ$6.66b – ahead of returns from beef and sheep meat combined and horticulture
  • NZ$3.55 billion is the total contribution of the forest industry to NZ’s GDP – NZ$1.39b from forestry and logging, and NZ$2.16b from downstream activity (since this edition was published, total contribution has been revised to around NZ$5 billion).

This very informative book covers New Zealand planted forestry highlights with land use and returns, earnings, exports as well as a rundown on New Zealand’s planted forestry, export and production figures, health and safety and information from some of New Zealand’s forestry and timber associations such as NZ Wood and Forest Growers Levy Trust.

You can download the book and previous editions at: