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A cut above

A North American company is thriving on world markets because of its investment in high technology and local know-how. Cut Technologies is the most advanced saw manufacturer for the sawmill industry in North America. Source:

“We’re also the largest producer of round saws for the sawmill industry in North America,” said Cut Technologies Penticton plant manager Daryl Clarke.

The company is in the process of adding a second robotic centre to the Penticton plant. A new, 6-cart robot adds to the four cart line already in service.

The lines grind carbide teeth on round saw blades, and are computer numerically controlled (CNC). High tech skills are needed to set up the machines, but once operating, require limited manual labour.

The line runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week and shuts down only for maintenance.

“Adding the new line will improve our efficiency and quality,” said Mr Clarke, who said the company ships all over North America, and has also shipped to New Zealand.

The company began in Penticton originally as Western Saws, and was purchased by Mike Cloutier in 2000.

Cut Technologies, which is a Canadian company, then began a course of steady investment on new equipment and plant modernization.

“It’s why we’re still here,” Mr Clarke said, “We survived the recession because we’re modern. If we hadn’t become as efficient as we are, we never would have made it.”

Cut Technologies employs 23 people in the shop and another seven in administration.