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CSIRO also with mining industry group

Following the CSIRO’s decision to pay $10,000 membership to the Australian Forest Products Association it has conceded that it suffers from a policy gap when it comes to its relationships with industry groups and it now conducting a review to address this. Sources: ABC Radio and Radio National

Appearing before a Senate Estimates Committee in Canberra, the CSIRO revealed it also pays thousands of dollars to be a member of the mining industry lobby group.

But the CSIRO’s chief executive has hit back at claims that its credibility as an independent research organisation is compromised by its links to industry lobby groups.

The commonwealth ombudsman has been investigating the CSIRO’s membership of the Australian Forest Products Association, after a complaint that it compromises the CSIRO’s scientific integrity.

Under questioning from Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon, the CSIRO’s deputy chief executive Mike Whelan revealed the CSIRO is paying a similar amount to be part of the Minerals Council of Australia.