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Cooroora Woodworkers 28th show

The Cooroora Woodworkers will be holding its 28th annual Wood and Craft Show on May 12 and 13. Source: Sunshine Coast Daily

The show will be held in the Cooroora Woodworkers’ clubhouse and surrounding precinct at 8 Lowermill Rd, Cooroy.

The organisers are confident that the 2017 show will be the best show ever.

The heart of the show is always where regional woodworking clubs compete in the interclub competition and students try their hand in the schools’ competition, as well as club members vying for victory in their own internal woodcraft competition.

While valuable prizes are offered over a whole range of activities, these competitions promote woodworking skills.

Woodworking is one of the oldest-known crafts and the constant drive to perfection is a mental stimulus and a great health benefit.

Environmental concerns are always important and the club’s milling team saves many logs from around the Cooroy region to be recycled into useful timber.

The shows increasingly reflect environmental issues.

Visitors to the show will be able to see all the competition entries as well as demonstrations of woodworking, timber milling and a whole range of quality items offered for sale.

Entry to see the competition entries is $2 (under-16 free).

The Cooroora Woodworkers Club milling team recycles unwanted logs into useful timber.

The team’s equipment level is basic and consists of a trailer with an electric- powered winch plus a few steel cables.

Using this gear, augmented by two lever bars, a chainsaw and manpower, the milling team has been collecting logs from various properties around the Cooroy region for many years.

After cutting to a length of about 2.5m, the logs (some exceeding 1000kg) are taken by trailer to the milling site at Ringtail Creek.

A Lucas Mill fitted with a horizontal chainsaw is used to cut the logs into slabs.

Alex Findlay, who is the timber-milling convenor, has been using the machine for more than 14 years and said the team had cut many thousands of slabs.

Each year, the Lucas Mill is brought to Cooroy for the show and visitors can see the milling team in action.

The mill is set up on the concrete slab next to the log maze. The cut slabs are offered for sale off the saw and seasoned slabs will also be available to buy.