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Contractors reaffirm support for forest industry restructure

Tasmanian forest contractors have recently reaffirmed their support for an orderly restructure and transition of the Tasmanian hardwood industry. Contractors recognise the need for, and support a profitable internationally competitive pulp mill as being a critical part of that restructure.

A pulp mill in Tasmania will move the industry away from a reliance on, effectively a spot selling situation, for hardwood by-product of the harvesting and sawmilling sectors, to a far more sustainable market, not dependant on the vagaries of offshore and old technology pulp production mill customers.

Contractors also support a competitive domestic sawmilling sector, for the high quality timber produced under, arguably, the most environmentally stringent controls on the planet.

“Tasmania does not have the luxury of time in agreeing the solution to the forest conflict that has divided the community for three decades.” Tasmanian Forest Contractors Association CEO Ed Vincent said. “There currently is a window of opportunity to resolve many of these conflicts and develop a revitalised industry that the whole community can be proud of, however that window is closing. We will never have a better chance and must not accept anything less than a full commitment to the process, by all participants.”