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Climate change committee a ‘new deal’ for Australia

Australia has a new opportunity to tackle the challenges of climate change while strengthening the economy, says the nation’s leading green building organisation.
“The Green Building Council of Australia supports the Gillard Government’s commitment to addressing climate change, particularly through the inclusive discussion being heralded by the formation of this new multi-party committee,” says Chief Executive, Romilly Madew.
“We are encouraged by the leadership shown by the Labor Party, Greens and Independents in joining forces to examine the best, most cost-effective means of supporting renewable energy and energy efficiency, and exploring the possible introduction of a price on carbon.
“The GBCA welcomes the discussion about a carbon price to drive investment in low-emissions technologies and support complementary measures that promote energy efficiency in the built environment.
“Australia’s built environment can deliver rapid and cost-effective reductions to emissions and energy consumption – with a significant percentage realizing positive returns to the Australian economy. In fact, the United Nations’ Environment Programme has stated that ‘no other sector has such a high potential for drastic emission reductions’,” Ms Madew says.
In July, the GBCA released its ‘green building agenda’ for 2010-2013, which outlines the five priorities best placed to steer Australia towards a sustainable built environment. The GBCA’s five green building priorities for 2010-2013 are:
1. Provide visionary government leadership
2. Retrofit and improve existing buildings
3. Green education and healthcare facilities
4. Move beyond buildings to communities and cities
5. Embed green skills across all industry training.
“We are looking forward to working with the Gillard Government and the committee, and will be watching closely to ensure that green buildings are recognised not only for their role in addressing climate change, but also in supporting other social and economic agendas such as affordable housing and job growth,” Ms Madew concludes.