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Check your deck

Peak industry body Timber Queensland (TQ) said the safest solution to combat potential deck and balcony collapses forecast by the Australian Institute of Architects is for homeowners to have them built by licensed builders. Source: Timberbiz

Regular inspections of the integrity of the deck or balcony will also improve safety.

Rod McInnes, CEO Timber Queensland said that the building industry is well aware of the potential problem and is educating itself on correct building standards and practices.

“Decks are part of our Queensland lifestyle and the vast majority will be as structurally sound as the rest of the house,” said McInnes.

“However, like all industries, our industry has its share of bad practitioners that might have cut corners or use timber unsuitable for deck applications.

“This report was released on the same day that Timber Queensland held an educational seminar for 250 builders and designers on best building practices for timber floors and decks.”

McInnes said TQ acknowledged the deck collapses that have occurred over the past few years and that work, including the education session, is taking place to avoid future tragedies.

“Timber Queensland recently assisted Building Codes Queensland with a revision of their deck, balcony and window guide.

“Revisions to the guide were undertaken as a result of the Coroner’s findings from the Ascot and Rockhampton deck collapses that resulted in tragic loss of life,” he said.

The guide is available at