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Can you help contact these people?

Australian Forest Contractors Association (AFCA) manager David Drane is keen to contact a number of South Australian forestry industry workers in the hope that they may be included in the AFCA Hall of Fame. “I would like people to contact me so that I can send them a nomination form and get their details which will hopefully lead to their recognition and induction.” David can be contacted on 0413 997 257 or by email at [email protected]
Australian Forest Contractors Association Ltd
Hall of Fame Nominations – Addresses/Contact details required for: Ken Badenoch, Fred Birrell, Kevin Boult, Frank Capriotti, Dominic Catalano, Greg Clements, Murray Clements, Alf Donnelly, Bill Driver, Angelo Landa, Bob Long, Charles McDonald, Colin Moreland, Tony Moretti, Bruno Praolini, John Reid, Peter Reiss, Smith Bros in Williamstown SA, Brian Spalding, George Stone, Bill Wilson, Jack Wilsom, Zannoni Bros.