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Calling for more waste biomass 

Enriva’s latest project, in full operation for a month, will offset 60,000 tonnes of CO2e over its expected lifetime by using 5000 tonnes per annum of otherwise discarded forestry and timber processing residues collected from the area. Source: Timberbiz

Located at Lyndhurst just outside Melbourne, this site is a grower wholesaler and florist specialising in many varieties including roses, gerberas and lisianthus.

Almost overnight they were faced with a drastic increase in gas prices which threatened the immediate viability of this long-standing family run business.

Enriva Pty Ltd, as Owner’s Engineer, delivered the complete project including preliminary feasibility and engineering, waste fuel sourcing, EPA approvals, supplier bids, budget management, detailed system engineering and integration, procurement, equipment consolidation and transport, management of construction, installation, commissioning and balance of plant.

Like this project, Enriva has several clients that require a constant supply of waste product to meet their energy needs. If your business has a waste biomass output that is discarded by way of your main business activity, then please contact Enriva so they can pair you with an appropriate end user.

Contact Sohum Gandhi general manager 0400 661 543 or email [email protected]