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Axtor 4510 Komptech all purpose wood chipper and shredder

The new Axtor 4510 Komptech is an all-purpose wood chipper that is the smallest in the Axtor series, but is perfect for both chipping and shredding. It’s an entry-level machine for small to medium-sized plants as well as contract service providers. Source: Timberbiz

Like its big brothers the Axtor 6010 and 8012, this new machine can shred as well as chip, and is designed for wood and green cuttings.

In shredder mode with free-swinging teeth it makes composting material, while in chipper mode with fixed blades and lower speed it makes biomass fuel that is ideal for heating plants.

With 456hp and its total weight of 19 tonnes in the two-axle trailer version, not only is it very easy to move around, it’s also right-sized for small to medium-scale facilities. Naturally, the easy transportation makes it likewise ideal for contract service providers.

The machine can be very precisely configured for the intended use whether waste wood, trunks, forestry residue, bark or green cuttings, with different blades and the right screen basket it can deliver astonishingly high throughput with excellent fuel efficiency. For example, with woody green cuttings as a structuring material for composting, throughput of up to 150 m³ per hour is possible.