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Australian builders declare their support for timber

Mark Thomson

Australian builders declare is a movement to raise awareness of the need for action in building construction to play a major part in emissions and to advocate for faster change in the industry towards an improved standard of construction and more regenerative construction practices. Source: Timberbiz

Buildings and construction play a major part in emission problems accounting for nearly 40% of energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions while also having a significant impact on natural habitats.

Part of this is recognition that building with certified wood reduces the carbon footprint, supports local communities and sustainable forest management so correct material selection plays an important role.

In the latest Builders Declare webinar Mark Thomson, eco architect and director of Responsible Wood, outlined the case for buying locally and for supporting timber that is certified under a recognised forest certification scheme.

Mr Thomson, an advocate for sustainable timber used the webinar to highlight the importance of 3rd party validation in the building and development sectors.

“I’m supportive of the Builders Declare and the Architects Declare movements and believe society is demanding protection of endangered ecosystems,” Mr Thomson said.

Mr Thomson highlighted that the Australian Standards underpin the supply of sustainable timber, with certification the only confident method to ensure that the timber used had been secured and supplied in an ecologically responsible manner.

Mr Thomson believes that Australian timber is fit for purpose for Australian design and building and notes the timber industry provides excellent support services for the implementation of best practice design and building activities.

The Builders Declare movement is advocating for faster change in the construction industry and is collaborating with professionals and policy makers to work towards improved environmental outcomes.

Founding signatories to the Builders Declare movement are: Aligned Building, Sustainable Homes Melbourne, Granted Construction, Positive Footprints, Michael Limb Builders, Sanctum Homes, G-Lux Builders, RICCON Development & Construction, Green Building Institute, Crisp Green Homes.

Mark Thomson’s YouTube video is at