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Australasian Forest Genetics Conference

The second Australasian Forest Genetics Conference will be held in Perth Western Australia from 20th – 22nd April 2009 and is in conjunction with the Australasian Forestry Research Working Group 1 (Genetics) (RWG1 18th Meeting).

Australasian forest genetics research has made key contributions in advancing fundamental forest genetics, breeding strategy, germplasm development, clonal forestry and propagation. This conference provides the opportunity to communicate our achievements to the world and exchange new ideas.

The conference will showcase advances in genetics and breeding research for plantation species within the Australasian context, particularly for southern pine, eucalypt species and introducing the tropical forestry projects fast developing in the north. It will bring together molecular and quantitative geneticists, breeders, propagation specialist, managers and professional foresters to exchange the latest information and technologies and strengthen collaboration. The conference includes invited and contributed presentations and posters, discussion sessions and a tropical pre-conference tour and a dry-land post conference tour. A breeding statistical analysis course will be on offer prior to the conference.

The second AFCG conference will be titled “Taking care of business” to reflect its focus on delivering to business profitable outcomes from tree improvement. To further reinforce this theme, it will feature keynote speakers on each of the following product-focused topic areas:

Main topics:

Solid wood (eg. Hardwood and softwood sawlogs),
Wood extractives (eg. leaf and wood oils and tannin),
Pulp and paper (eg. both soft and hardwoods) and
Environmental products (eg. salt tolerance, carbon, biomass for energy, biodiesel)

The AFGC 2009 will demonstrate how genetic solutions can improve forestry projects and environmental outcomes. The conference is designed for:

Tree breeders;
Propagation specialists;
Industry leaders;
Environmental officers; and