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Assistant Director for EFI appointed

Dr.Ir. Gert-Jan Nabuurs has been appointed Assistant Director of the European Forest Institute (EFI). Dr. Nabuurs will start his three-year term, with a possibility of extension, on 1 June 2009.
Dr. Nabuurs (41) has a PhD in forest planning and economics and a Msc. in Forestry and Soil Sciences. He has previously worked as team leader of Forest Ecosystems Team and as a senior researcher on European Forest Scenario Studies at the Wageningen University and Research Centre in the Netherlands. He also holds the positions of Associate Researcher at the European Forest Institute, and of Adjunct Professor at the University of Joensuu, Finland.
Dr. Nabuurs’s main field of interest is in forest resource modelling of European forests for sustainable management in combination with climate change, carbon sequestration and biodiversity issues. Results of his work have been published in over 140 publications. He has also led several chapters in diverse reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). He has extensive experience of project coordination and leadership. Among his many affiliations, are a membership of the expert group for the UN-ECE’s ‘European Forest Sector Outlook Studies’ and deputy chairmanship of the IUFRO group 4.02.07: ‘large scale inventories and scenario studies’.
The European Forest Institute is an international organisation conducting forest research and forest research networking at the pan-European level. The institute is growing intensively and is currently establishing new Regional Offices in various locations in Europe. EFI also has four research programs running at the Headquarters in Joensuu, Finland, and a number of Project Centres in different parts of Europe.